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um.... hmmmm..... what can I say about me, I'm 16, I hate peppers, I eat tuna from the can. I am 20 pounds over wieght and a size 14. and i have no problem adimiting that. I love my cats and my tortise, I love my family and my friends more than anything in the world. and I would do anything for them. I love to write and draw, I also love to paint. I love music. I hate peppers. but I love keebler cookies. i love computer games and legaly blonde. my favorite movie is the shawshanke redeption followed closely by garden state. j.k. rowling is my hero. if the world were in my hand I would move old W. to iraq to fight his own battles instead of taking vacations to camp david. I didn't really like kerry either. I favor gay marriage and a woman's right to chose. I am jewish, but my mother is catholic so I am very open minded about religeon but I do not believe it belongs in the goverment or in out schools. just my opion though. I love the stars at night, but i love winter rain. spring is beatiful, but winter can be a better fit. I believe in the man on the moon and in the power of prayer. I love the idea of life but somtimes its just to much. I have been sucidal but am currently ok. I cut my self when I'm upset or depressed. my medicine is supposed to help that. I have a shrink. thats nothing to be ashamed of. shame can be a waste of time but it also can be nessisary. I wish for love and new shoes. sometimes I want to tell more but somtimes theres value in secrets. and in the silence of the night. I love roses.
and birthdays. christmas, and board games., chanukah, clothes, computers, cookies, drawing, friendship and romance, jewelry, movies, parties, potatoes, shoes, writing